Dog Crafts

Learn how to make a warm raincoat for your dog, how to make a comfy dog bed, and even how to make gifts for dogs (such as chew toys). All come with detailed instructions and pictures..

make a comfy bed for your dog

Want to get your dog off your bed and onto his own, for as little money as possible. It's actually quite easy to make a comfy dog bed with our free pattern and instructions.
See this pattern.....

sew a warm raincoat for your dog

It's not fun going for a walk in the cold, rain or snow. Why not make it easier for your pooch by running up a warm and waterproof coat for him or her to wear.
See this pattern.....

christmas gifts for dogs that you can make yourself

If your Christmas budget has been pared to the bone (no pun intended), then why not try making a special Christmas gift for your four legged friend?.
See this pattern.....

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