We love dogs - big dogs, little dogs, good dogs, bad dogs, young dogs, old dogs and everything in between. We have put together this website to share our love of dogs, and everything we've learnt along the way - our best doggie tips - with other dog lovers around the world.

Here are some of our great dogs - we'd love to hear from you about your great dog too!


Bruno Pup I got Bruno as a tiny puppy as part of a house settlement (the previous owners of the house my sister was buying had 2 pure bred bull terriers, and agreed to give us 1 puppy from the litter as part of the house purchase agreement).

However, when the litter was born, it was quite clear that some other dog had got into the mix, and these were not pure bred bullies! I still wanted my little Bruno anyway - he was the runt of the litter. However, he turned into a great protector and companion. And a character (as you can see from his Christmas outfit)!

Unfortunately, Bruno is no longer with us. He lived to 10 years of age, and I lost him in 2002 (although it seems like only yesterday) to a hereditary kidney disease. And just for Christmas, you can read Bruno's poem - A Very Doggie Christmas (Bruno's Tale) here.


Remus Remus was Bruno's brother. He's the one I created the recipes for on our recipe page. This photo of him is a little old, he made it to 15 years of age, and was getting a little arthritic at the end. He also had problems with his kidneys, and his eyesight and hearing were fading too.

When Remus first started getting these age related problems, he was a little overweight (36Kg versus a healthy 26Kg now). So we had to radically overhaul his diet to give him the healthiest life he could have, and to help him live as long as possible.

Sadly, we lost Remus on December 3, 2007 - almost 15½ years old. He will be sadly missed by friends and family.


This little guy was a rescue dog who was found living in a cemetery.  He was adopted by my Aunty.


We're not really sure what breed he is (there's definitely some poodle and some terrier in there), but he is a loving and cheeky little fellow. And he dotes on my Aunty. Unfortunately, he was a bit too much for her to handle, so Hamish is now living with us.

He has fitted in really well (he even acknowledges that the cat is the boss - dogs really are lowest in the pecking order in our household). And he now gets to taste my home cooking (see the new recipe I made up for Hamish on our Recipes page)! And he still gets to see my Aunty at least once a week!

Dutch (or Dutchy)

Dutchy Dog Dutchy is actually a Finnish Spitz, not dutch! He was my cousin's dog, but I got to know Dutchy really well.  He was a real character - he'd check out under sofa cushions, in bags and briefcases and even the odd pocket in search of treats.

He once found a box of Maltesers behind a sofa cushion and scoffed the lot before anyone noticed. Needless to say, he felt a little off color for the rest of the day, and everyone learnt to make sure the human treats were kept up high.

And could he talk! The Finnish Spitz is also known as the talking dog, and Dutchy loved to boast whenever he got a treat. Sadly, we lost Dutchy in 2003.


Lily Yes - Lily is a Finnish Spitz too. My cousin bought her after Dutch died.

Finnish Spitz can be very hard to come by, and when my cousin heard of a breeder willing to sell one, she travelled over 500Km to pick her up.

The only reason she was being sold was because she wasn't up to "show" status. And boy, were they right about that. She is the most excitable dog I know. Always jumping and trying to get your attention.

But lovable just the same!

Two Tone

twotone And this is the latest addition to the family.

Two Tone (named after one of the dogs in 101 Dalmations) is actually a kepie dalmation cross. He is now part of our extended family (via my cousin Leigh and her two sons - who named the dog). Lily and Two-Tone are now on the same property, and have over 30 acres to run around in.

Two Tone is only a few months old, and still has a lot of growing to do. He is very energetic, and loves to run around and taunt both Lily and Hamish (who comes to visit often).